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About Us

Urs and Renee Wunderli
Owners of RUM International

RUM International, Inc., a family owned and operated business, offers one-of-a-kind, quality products backed by excellent customer service.

Rowing for touring and exercise is the passion that powers our business. A recreational rather than a competitive perspective guides our understanding of our customers' needs.

True to our recreational perspective of exercising regularly, healthy living, and fun outdoor recreation, RUM International markets Virus Rowing Boats, and starting in 2004, SeaDog Boats, Steampfli, and the Wingdory. After a search of the market, RUM International began importing the French-made Virus (pronounced vee'rus) boats in 1998. Our research found that few "true" recreational boats were available and all were made of either fiberglass or wood. Virus offers fiberglass and "polyethylene".
Virus boats are unique:

First and foremost, in the innovative use of "polyethylene" - a tough durable plastic. It is the material used in the construction of our strong, low maintenance hulls and decks.

Secondly, because of their beamy design, Virus boats are novice friendly. Stable and easy to learn in, no previous experience or skill is needed to row Virus boats, which are wider than competitive boats, shells or sculls, as they are called.

Thirdly, with the reintroduction of the "sliding-rigger" system, which employs a fixed seat and sliding rigger attached to the foot stretcher. This design eliminates "stern check" while the boat is in forward motion.

Lastly, Virus boats are the most affordable recreational rowing boats on the market today.

RUM International has added exceptional customer service to this mix of superior product features. We have formed strategic alliances with companies that offer accessories for our boats.

RUM International is headquartered outside Sarasota on Florida's Gulf Coast . Every year, we travel to Plouhinec, on France's Brittany coast to visit the manufacturing plant, keep abreast of production, and discuss design and quality control improvements. In addition to the manufacturer's guarantee, RUM International stands behind its products 100 percent.

RUM International imports Virus boats into Charleston, South Carolina. From our warehouse there, we ship orders throughout North America and beyond with Yellow Freight, a common carrier.

For quick response to our customers, we communicate via e-mail and telephone. We offer demos in Southwest Florida, and regularly conduct demo tours in different regions of North America. See our demo page for other permanent demo locations around North America. And we never close. Our Web Sites serve as RUM International's 24-7 electronic storefront. You can also visit us at and share our passion for recreational rowing.